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Innovators at heart!

Church LEDs is a leader in LED technology innovation. We are a group of industry innovators located in the city of Los Angeles California with a manufacturer based in China. Since day one our mission has been to make LED technology available for all ministries and churches around the world and apply our technological advancements to better serve and improve our client’s visibility, performance and congregational engaments.

Quality LED Services


Stage Design

We can create top quality stage design ideas and plans for all types of church sizes and budgets. Feel free to consult with our experts regarding your stage renovation needs.

LED video wall installations

We are experts in LED system installations. From grounded support to motorized elevated installations we can assist. Let us know what your needs are and we will be glad to assist.

Custom LED Manufacturing

We have a vast range of LED products designed to fulfill any vision into a reality. From FLEX LEDs, Traditional LED panels to LED flooring, we are able to create any LED stage design idea and turn it into a reality.