Who Are We

Church LEDs is here to support our faith communities all across America and the world with the latest and most advanced LED video wall technology currently available on the market. 

Since 2014 our team of dedicated experts and passionate technicians have worked hand to hand with a wide spectrum of ministries across America and the globe to implement LED technology into their church services in a seamless manner, and with the goal of creating greater and more compelling engagement among members and parishioners alike. 

Ever since our first integration in Southern California, we have witnessed thousands of people experience an enhanced Sunday Event through a level of visual engagement rarely achieved by traditional technology. This new technology for image and message delivery has created a unique WOW factor that has occurred over and over again in all or our churches – a direct result of this new level of ultra-defined contrast of color and brightness. 

Innovators at Heart

Our founders knew that LED Video Walls would one day become a “New Standard” of production throughout the world. Their desire was to be the “Leaders of Every Day” (LEDs) by making this technology available and affordable to ministries of all backgrounds, sizes and affiliations.

Our main goal is to facilitate the process of acquisition and implementation in conjunction with our already established productions and church services. We believe that God has placed our team in this space in order to bring an ease of mind to the body of Christ and their faithful servants. Our hearts erupt with joy every time we see our beloved churches utilizing our LED panels for productions that glorify God and engage people into worship. Getting them closer to Him results in thousands of souls being saved by the mighty gospel of Jesus Christ weekend after weekend.

A Passion for the Church and Technology

We love the church as anyone would love their own blood family. Ever since a very young age, our founder was called into full-time ministry. This has resulted in a desire to always be a “helping hand” to the ministries we serve. This desire is echoed through our dedication to give our very best in every project we are involved with and implement. 

The passion for technology vibrates in our heart as well, and is reflected in the selection of only the best LED video panels in the industry. Panels which are manufactured under very high quality control standards in order to ensure superb LED Video wall systems. And finally, panels that employ only superior technology, quality and innovation. Our 5 plus year relationship with one of the most influential LED manufacturing groups in China has resulted with agreements that are seldom, if ever, found in the US market. Our pricing structure and inventory on hand is the best in the USA and we are considered one of the most accessible and well-stocked companies in the United States. At any given moment we have over 20,000 LED panels on inventory as well additional shipments that arrive every week to our California based logistics warehouse. When you access an LED wall from us you can rest assured that your deliverables are A-list production quality within the US market and that you will be benefiting from cost effectiveness rarely achieved through regular secular productions. 

If You Can Dream It, We Can Make it Happen

Our company also works with specialized products as needed by our clients. One of our line of services includes customized, per-spec LED Video Products. Here at church LEDs, we believe that “if you can dream it”, we can make it happen. If you have an idea about a specific project, just reach out to us and we will work hand to hand with you from concept through delivery.

As we think about the future and about the technological advancements of our world, we feel honored to be ahead of the curve with both our development as a company and our position within our industry. We are thrilled to be about “Leading Every Day” as an LED video wall company, but we are also extraordinary grateful and humbled by the countless church productions we’ve been able to transform through the use of this technology. As we begin this next decade, we know that there will be more opportunities to serve Our Most High with the greatest and latest LED technology in the world!

Thank you for checking out our CHURCH LED FAMILY. Welcome to the technology of today that we believe will be leading us towards a bright and glorious FUTURE!

God Bless you,

Nick Villa, Founder



We can create top quality stage design ideas and plans for all types of church sizes and budgets. Feel free to consult with our experts regarding your stage renovation needs.


We are experts in LED system installations. From grounded support to motorized elevated installations we can assist. Let us know what your needs are and we will be glad to assist.


We have a vast range of LED products designed to fulfill any vision into a reality. From FLEX LEDs, Traditional LED panels to LED flooring, we are able to create any LED stage design idea and turn it into a reality.